Highlawn Pavilion, a fine dining destination and world-class event venue for weddings and significant occasions, rests atop a striking view of Manhattan. Creating an extraordinary experience, our awe-inspiring grand vistas match our unique blend of aesthetics between New American fare and European flair. With intricate designs, landscaping, and patio umbrellas, the surreal setting is truly reminiscent of continental relaxation. Highlawn Pavilion makes a perfect wedding venue for all kinds of celebrations ranging from grand-scale wedding halls, intimate wedding venues, or outdoor wedding venues.

The beautiful panoramic view of New York City, along with our simple yet sophisticated elegance and award-winning cuisine, makes the Highlawn Pavilion one of northern New Jersey’s most remarkable and romantic event venues. The Highlawn Pavilion offers everything you will need for your wedding day, whether it being a lavish gala for hundreds of guests or a smaller, more intimate festivity. We are open to any style event venue you have in mind, as your ceremony and reception will always remain our priority. At Highlawn Pavilion, our professional staff dedicates ample time to ensure every detail of your special day is beyond perfect, from the procession through your wedding banquet until the very last dance.

Beautiful Wedding Venues

At Highlawn Pavilion, we accommodate weddings of any style, size, and budget. Our charming wedding venue offers a timeless backdrop for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, whether big or small. Our grand foyer – along with acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, creates a mesmerizing setting to welcome you and your distinguished guests. Not only will you and your guests swoon over our gracious ground design, but we also offer our excellent culinary cuisine, professional recommendations, and overnight accommodations, all sure to fit any budget to bring ease and elegance to this momentous occasion. We understand that these services are a big part of selecting a suitable setting for your event.

Deluxe Wedding Dining

At the heart of Highlawn Pavilion’s hospitality lies our elegant fine dining options which can be customized to match any budget and preference. Get ready to feast on delectable dishes from our team of award-winning chefs. Our one-of-a-kind wedding menu selections are tailored to your tastes and the style of your wedding – including ethnic menus for guests from cultures around the world. Our wedding venue has earned an unrivaled reputation from our quality ingredients, preparation, and stunning presentation. We prepare all our menu items on-premises from the finest and freshest ingredients. Available as part of your wedding package, our culinary experts provide an extensive selection of carefully-coordinated menus of classic dishes leading up to a sumptuous wedding cake for this joyous occasion.

Dedicated Wedding Professionals

Not only is our culinary team made of professionals, but so is our wedding specialists team. Our team can recommend professionals who we trust to help make your day beyond special while still up keeping affordable prices. We understand many elements go into an ideal wedding such as intricate floral centerpieces, a talented wedding photographer to capture fleeting moments, as well as music that fits your style and tastes. The vendors we recommend are ones we have gotten to know quite well and entrust that they have your best interests in mind.

Unique Wedding Accommodations

When it comes to guiding you on your special day, we mean that; we are there every step of the way. Not only can we recommend the right coordinators to assist you on the day of your wedding, but we can also recommend amenities before and after that are just as important for a reasonable price; overnight accommodations. Near Highlawn Pavilion, the newly renovated Marriott Residence Inn of West Orange is a comfortable and welcoming hotel. This hotel provides guests with everything they need for a remarkable visit. All hotel suites provide free high-speed Wi-Fi, designated areas for working and relaxing, a flat-screen TV, plush bedding, and a kitchen. Amenities include a complimentary breakfast buffet, fitness center, an indoor pool, and whirlpool. This is an ideal option for wedding guests with its packed modern amenities to fit your needs.

We understand that a wedding venue does not just mean a budget-friendly event space; it also means affordable culinary options, professional recommendations, and overnight accommodations. Without a question, our experienced staff will happily provide the exact service you need for a relaxing experience. No matter the accommodations you need, Highlawn Pavilion will perfectly match the style and budget for this matrimony occasion. We are more than capable to guide you through the process – all you have to do is decide which our wedding venues works for you.

Wedding Hall

If you are searching for an event venue large enough to house you and your guests, Highlawn Pavilion will provide you with a wedding hall like no other. Our elegant event space stands on the crest of Eagle Rock Reservation, surrounded by over 400 acres of nature preserve. Perfectly enough, it is set on the top floor of this historic structure, providing a view no other wedding venue can match. The Pavilion Wedding Hall offers the grandest view of the iconic Manhattan skyline and overlooks the surrounding towns below. With our event venue, your wedding will be as iconic as our skyline view of New York City.

Our indoor aesthetics are as captivating as our incredible scenic views. As guests enter and walk by, they cannot miss our massive bronze and crystal chandelier from the grand staircase. This staircase seamlessly guides our guests to The Pavilion Wedding Hall where they then walk into the breathtaking view of New York City’s skyline. With an astonishing aesthetic surrounded by nature’s beauty, we can always guarantee an unforgettable experience for your extra-special day.

At Highlawn Pavilion, your first impression is sure to be a lasting one. The gorgeous view of New York City is in sight at all times as we lay out our tables specifically across the span, exposing the panoramic view of the beloved city. In return, every guest is sure of a good seat, as this view is available from every table throughout the wedding halls with its cultivated oversized windows. As the night sets and the skyline begins glistening, the extraordinary view enhances the aesthetic of our decor. Altogether, this brings an added level of elegant ambiance to your wedding hall.

Intimate Wedding Venue

At Highlawn Pavilion, we are more than happy to host and provide for smaller weddings. Highlawn Pavilion’s simple, yet sophisticated, atmosphere pairs flawlessly with nature’s elegant outdoor view to form the perfect setting for your special day, no matter how grand or intimate the commemoration. Our distinctive venue layout is perfect for every gathering as we thoughtfully arrange the perfect size venue for each of our guests. No matter how small-scale, we are sure to create an ambiance fitting for every wedding.

Our intimate wedding venue is perfect for more intimate and personal receptions as we set our dance floor specially designed to draw all guests to the center of all the action. Situated at the head of the dance floor is the couple’s “sweetheart” table, making the lovely couple the center of attention. This placement is perfect, as your guests will be equally situated on both sides of you, ensuring close proximity with all your loved ones. Intimate wedding receptions are always crafted with the utmost personal care to resolve every fine detail, providing you with your ideal wedding celebration with those you are closest to.

As the bride and groom take their seats at the head of the dance floor, the band or DJ will be playing on the opposite end facing you. In return, the newlyweds get front row seats to the music, dancing, and all the action going on as your close-knit guests celebrate your wedding. As the focal point of the room, you will be sure not to miss a moment of this joyous event. Even better, with the beautiful skyline view as your backdrop, you are in a perfect position for even the most candid of photos to capture the beauty of the celebration. Our wedding venue is famous for its enthralling views, which make it picture-perfect from every angle.

Highlawn Pavilion has been a venue of choice for wedding celebrations of all sizes as we are well experienced when it comes to excelling service for all event venues. For our smaller gatherings, we always aim to provide a close intimate experience for our guests, where everyone is sure to enjoy. Our professional service, impeccable cuisine, beautiful landscaped, and timeless architecture are always a given, no matter how grand-scale or petite the size. Our intimate wedding venue can help make everlasting memories of unforgettable moments for our guests who need a bit more of a personable touch.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

Highlawn Pavilion can also host outdoor weddings. We offer ideal outdoor wedding ceremonies with our incomparable ambiance and scenery. Our outdoor wedding venue is unbeatable when it comes to our picturesque background. Whether you have your wedding ceremony during the day, the evening, or during sunset, you are sure to have the most ideal wedding imagined.

Highlawn Pavilion features a unique outdoor wedding venue area since it is conveniently nestled next to our historic “Eagle Rock” building. Having your outdoor wedding at Highlawn Pavilion means, you will have the advantage of getting married where our landscape overlooks the beauty of our neighboring towns and infamous view of the New York City skyline. Our one of a kind cityscape has been one of value for decades and is still strongly desired for weddings today.

Adding on to the significance of our location is our encircling vista. Surrounding our outdoor wedding venue area is over 400 acres of Eagle Rock Reservation, giving you countless opportunities for tasteful outdoor wedding photos. Eagle Rock Reservation is an ideal view for many of our betrothed couples because of its enticing and innate beauty of open land. The Reservation outlines miles of inimitable fields of green leading your eyes to the gaping skyline. Our outdoor wedding venue is truly a unique, beautiful, and dynamic setting perfect for any wedding ceremony.

We commit to making your wedding truly unique and special with our unmatched outdoor wedding venue. Our experience with traditional weddings combined with our knowledge of all the latest wedding trends ensures every detail of your wedding will be perfect down to the tee. With our enchanting landscape filled with nature’s finest fields of green and mesmerizing views, we uphold a reputation of unforgettable experiences at Highlawn Pavilion. We have hosted thousands of weddings at Highlawn Pavilion with each one being as joyous as the next.

Event Spaces At Highlawn Pavilion

At Highlawn Pavilion, we have hosted event spaces for weddings for over a quarter-century. The expertise and dedication of our wedding planners and banquet managers are legendary. Our wedding event specialists provide hands-on work for our happy couples to create the wedding they have always imagined. No matter the event space, whether it being a classic wedding hall, an intimate wedding, or an outdoor wedding venue – we take pride in working within your budget to bring forth a truly stress-free and seamless wedding ceremony.

We are here every step of the process. Our wedding specialists will ensure to handle as many wedding preparation tasks as needed. Our culinary chefs will be sure to whip up striking dishes for you and your guests. And our staff is sure to be present and attentive, ready to serve you. From the wedding planning to the execution, we commit to making the beginning of your happily-ever-after indicative to the rest of your lives. Call Highlawn Pavilion at (973) 731-3463 for any booking inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you and combining your wedding ideas with our unmatched aesthetics!

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