The Perfect Jewish Wedding Venue

The Highlawn Pavilion is known for being one of New Jersey’s best wedding venues. Part of what makes this venue so perfect is it’s commitment to meeting each couple’s individual needs, working with couples all over New Jersey in areas such as Ridgewood, Saddle River, and Saddlebrook. The Highlawn Pavilion understands that Jewish Weddings bring tradition and important family customs that deserve to be incorporated into your special day. The Highlawn Pavilion is happy to cater to each couple’s specific cultural traditions and prioritizes understanding each of them. For a classic Jewish wedding your family will never forget, choose The Highlawn Pavilion for your wedding venue.

A Wedding Venue That Values Tradition

The Highlawn Pavilion has over 100 years of history and is proud to accommodate weddings of any style, size, or budget. Banquet managers are experts in planning traditional ceremonies, and will help bring your family’s vision to life. Whether Reform, Orthodox, Conservative, or Secular, The Highlawn Pavilion specialists will be sure to understand each tradition and make sure cultural props are available. The beautiful Pavilion Room is elegant and offers a breathtaking view of the New York City skyline. The ballroom is spacious for guests to see the view and the main table, as well for Hora (chair dance) on the dance floor.

Banquet managers at The Highlawn Pavilion can arrange quality professional services for music, videographers, and decorations that will match your wedding style. The Highlawn Pavilion has amazing chefs with dinner, dessert, and bar menu choices to please all of your guests including kosher and vegetarian options. The elegant and classic ballroom is the perfect place for family and friends to gather, celebrate, and congratulate the happy couple with “Mazel Tov.” Wedding specialists also understand that affordability is an important factor when planning a wedding, and will work with any budget you have.

Have A Magical Outdoor Ceremony

South Orange, home to Seton Hall University, celebrates a modest but quaint culture. Inside its local landmarks, including Village Hall, Old Stone Building, Mountain Station Train Station, and Prospect Street Historic District, South Orange carries rich heritage. South Orange has 10 distinctive neighborhoods throughout the community. South Orange has incorporated an effective neighborhood watch – as well as a domestic violence response team – to better ensure a safer community. South Orange, apart from safety, also offers a great opportunity for couples ready to start a new family. Several beautiful homes, elite-level schools, and convenient transportation are fully accessible. Families can enroll their children in schools such as Columbia High School, Jefferson Elementary School, South Mountain Annex School, Clinton Elementary, and South Orange Middle School, all highly rated through Niche and Google reviews. Connection to the NJ transit also allows for a fast ride to and from the city by residents and tourists. If you need a change of scenery, New York City – as well as Jersey City and Newark – is only one bus ride away.

In addition to the venues beautiful formal banquet rooms, there are elegant parlors to acres of perfectly landscaped grounds. The breathtaking outdoor area is the perfect spot for a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. The view of the city is the perfect backdrop for guests to adore as you and your partner stand under the Chuppah. This view also makes for a perfect spot to break the glass and allow guests to take photos that will last a lifetime.

A Jewish wedding is a spectacular event that combines faith, love, tradition, and the joining of two families. These traditions are welcomed and highlighted at The Highlawn Pavilion, where culture and guest’s unique wedding wishes and style is valued. As you plan your elegant and special Jewish wedding, choose The Highlawn Pavilion to host your dream wedding that you and your family will never forget. Dial (973) 731-3463 to connect with our event coordinators.

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