The Ideal New Jersey Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding is no piece of cake. Choosing your wedding venue, on the other hand, certainly can be. The Highlawn Pavilion is the ideal New Jersey wedding venue to make the most special day of your life even more memorable than you ever imagined. The Highlawn Pavilion is conveniently located in West Orange, New Jersey and has experience of hosting weddings for over 100 years. The classic and breathtaking indoor and outdoor spaces, affordable cost, and accommodating specialists make The Highlawn Pavilion the perfect place for your wedding ceremony and reception.

What Makes The Perfect Wedding Venue?

The Highlawn Pavilion values quality and cost. Event specialists recognize that it is possible to have a stunning wedding ceremony and reception without breaking the bank. The Highlawn Pavilion values your unique wedding vision and dreams while incorporating their signature classic and elegant style. The Ballroom is exquisite space set on the top floor of its historical structure on the crest of Eagle Rock Reservation. The venue is surrounded by over 400 acres of nature preserve, which allows for a spectacular window view for each guest at the reception.

If you are considering an outdoor wedding, The Highlawn Pavilion’s unique location near the

Eagle Rock Reservation allows for the perfect scenery. This location overlooks local towns along with a breathtaking view of the New York City skyline. This view makes for a lively and romantic background for the ceremony as well as for wedding pictures.

Making Your Guests Happy

The Highlawn Pavilion values the satisfaction of every guest. Something that sets this wedding venue apart from others is its unique arrangement of the ballroom. All tables are spread out to be far enough away from the DJ booth to not interfere with any conversations throughout the night. Guests are equally seated on both sides of the bride and groom to allow for an easier seating chart and be positioned for the best pictures. The table arrangements also ensure each guest has a breathtaking view of the city skyline. This view creates a spectacular and romantic vibe for you and your guests to dance and dine to.

The Highlawn Pavilion offers a variety of dining options guaranteed to accommodate every guest. Wedding menus are made special for each couple to match the style of your wedding, including foods from many different cultures. Dining menus also offer vegan options so that every guest can enjoy a delicious meal.

The Highlawn Pavilion offers you and your guests an intimate, classic, and special experience that is tailored to your specific wants. It’s easy to see why people have chosen The Highlawn Pavilion for their special day. Contact The Highlawn Pavilion today to have a wedding venue as special to you and your partner as the people you’re sharing it with. Dial (973) 731-3463 to connect with our event coordinators.

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