The Ideal Asian Wedding Venue

As a venue committed to making dream weddings come true, The Highlawn Pavilion is the ideal choice for a traditional Asian wedding. The Highlawn Pavilion values each couple’s specific wedding needs, including cultural traditions. Event specialists at The Highlawn Pavilion are dedicated to learning what age-old traditions your family has and understanding how to best incorporate them into the venue. Traditional family rituals are a special way to celebrate a couple’s new faith and love together. Incorporating each couple’s unique style, vision, and traditions into their special day makes The Highlawn Pavilion the perfect Asian wedding venue.

A Wedding Venue That Celebrates Tradition

The Highlawn Pavilion has over 100 years of history. Event specialists are experts at making your dream Asian wedding a reality. Traditional Japanese weddings involve elaborate ceremonies. The Highlawn Pavilion offers breathtaking indoor and outdoor options for both ceremonies and receptions perfect for meeting even the most elaborate ceremony needs. The venue has formal banquet rooms and elegant parlors to acres of perfectly landscaped grounds. The indoor and outdoor options allows weddings of various sizes to be accommodated. Whether you are having a traditional Indian wedding lasting several days with a very large family or a smaller, more intimate Asian wedding ceremony, The Highlawn Pavilion is the ideal choice.

The Highlawn Pavilion is proud to accommodate weddings of any style, size, or budget. Traditional Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and Pakistani involve lots of vibrant colors. In traditional Chinese weddings, the color red symbolizes love, prosperity, and happiness. Wedding invitations, accessories, and decorations at these weddings are typically screaming with vibrant shades of red. Let event specialists at The Highlawn Pavilion know what symbols are meaningful to you and your family’s culture and they can incorporate them into your ceremony and reception.

A View As Special As Your Day

For those that enjoy the quiet life luxurious life in away from the masses, look no further than Rockleigh. With a population of 600 and 55% of its population over the age of 65, Rockleigh provides its residents a quiet isolated lifestyle. With a small population and high-income levels, life in Rockleigh is the ideal place for retirement after a long fulfilling career or even a great place to start a family. Rockleigh can count itself as an exclusive living area for families who are well off and enjoy privacy. The town’s luxurious houses reflect their pricing and the surrounding neighbors are at least a car drive away. When the isolation becomes too much, residents can always just drive along County Route 501 and head to New York.

The Highlawn Pavilion offers you and your family spectacular views for your special day. Conveniently located next to the cliff-side edge of “Eagle Rock,” and near areas such as Florham Park and East Brunswick, this wedding venue delivers a stunning view of the New York City skyline. This is perfect and classic backdrop for your traditional ceremony and family photos that will last a lifetime.

The Pavilion room offers a unique table arrangement where guests all have a view of the city skyline and main table. They also are all far enough away from the DJ booth that guests who prefer not to dance will not be disturbed. This wedding venue also offers a delicious dinner, dessert, and bar menu to please all of your guests. When it comes to the best day of your life, you deserve everything you and your partner have dreamed of. Choose a wedding venue that welcomes cultural tradition and values its place in your wedding. Contact The Highlawn Pavilion today to start planning a classic Asian wedding you and your family will never forget! Dial (973) 731-3463 to connect with our event coordinators.

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