Wedding Trends 2016: Wedding Drinks

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Wedding DrinksLeave the neon drinks to the bars in Hoboken. A top wedding drink trend for 2016 is naturally-hued drinks like the browns and tans of a fine bourbon or a great microbrew beer, plus neutral-colored cocktails that delight the senses. Wedding signature drinks won’t always be a bright color, although spring and summer wedding drink trends will often feature a vibrantly-hued cocktail in addition to a groom’s bourbon or Scotch bar.

Here are some additional top wedding trends 2016 for wedding drinks:

  • Champagne is a top wedding drink trend again, with the dramatic sabering of champagne bottles popular at NJ wedding now, and the dramatic pouring of a champagne tower. Wedding survey company Wedding Report says that over 40% of wedding couples highly prioritize top quality champagne at their weddings, with champagne offered at the bar as champagne cocktails in addition to a generous pour for the wedding toasts.
  • Smaller sips. Drink stations offer small servings of bourbon, vodka, microbrew beer flights, and tequila is a top trend for NJ weddings. These small sip drinks may be paired with foods as well, and your wedding venue’s chef can assist in creating the perfect pairings.
  • Locally-sourced drinks. Wedding bar menus feature microbrew beers from NJ breweries, as well as wines from local NJ vineyards, in addition to domestic and imported beers and wines.
  • Garden elements. Wedding cocktails are garnished or muddled with garden-grown or farm-sourced herbs and berries for a natural taste and great color to wedding drinks.
  • Sangria. This colorful fruity drink, or pale pink sangria, or white sangria is a top bar menu choice for weddings, again tying in the freshness of fruit slices in the presentation at your wedding bar.
  • Multiple signature drinks. Why choose just one when the trend for wedding drinks in 2016 is a wider variety of favorite cocktails and unique signature drinks custom-created by your NJ wedding venue’s mixologists? Add in the presentation flair of your signature drink menu written artistically on a chalkboard to get guests excited to try small pours of your signature drinks.
  • Classic soft drinks. Several years ago, flavored sodas were a must for a wedding bar menu, and now we’ve returned to the classic soft drinks, including iced tea and lemonade served in grand decanters. A great soft drink menu quenches guests at a garden wedding in the summer, and lets guests pace their alcohol consumption at the reception.
  • Drinks from your love story. ‘Your Drink’ might be a wine vintage that you love to share during your romantic dinners, or the type of champagne you enjoyed when you got engaged. A particular cocktail that’s your usual order when you go out to New Jersey restaurants, or your drink order from your first date. Bringing in a signature drink from your love story is a top wedding drink trend for 2016’s personalized weddings, especially when you add the story of your drink to your bar list or menu card.

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