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How To Plan Your Party Around The Holidays

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 | Filed under: Holiday Party, Party Entertainment, Party Planning, Quincenera Planning | author: By Keith Sly,    

Planning a Holiday PartyPlanning a party around the holiday season can be a joyous time of year to pull out all the stops for an incredible and festive event. However, there is etiquette to follow to ensure the guest of honor is celebrated on their special day. Whether you are planning a birthday party, Bat Mitzvah, Quinceañara, Sweet Sixteen, corporate event, anniversary, or a holiday wedding, the spirit of the season will only add more joy to your event. To get you into the spirit The Manor has gathered the best ideas for how to plan your party around the holidays.
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What Is a Quinceanera?

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 | Filed under: Guest Books, Quincenera Planning, Quincenera Themes | author: By Keith Sly,    

What is a QuinceneraQuinceañerais a Spanish word that has two meanings: It refers to a girl who is 15 years old, and it’s the word for the coming-of-age celebration for when a girl turns 15 years old.

Historically, quinceanera has a many centuries-ago origin when both boys and girls celebrated rites of passage, and young girls were prepared to enter womanhood by learning from the elder women in the community lessons about their future roles as members of the family and of the community. Later, missionaries transformed the ritual into a personal affirmation of faith, and a pledge to become good Christian wives and mothers. Then a church celebration comes next because it is an important part of the ritual. Read more…

Top Quinceanera Themes for 2015

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 | Filed under: gifts, Guest Books, Quincenera Planning, Quincenera Themes | author: By Keith Sly,    

Top Quincenera Themes for 2015Part of the excitement of planning a quinceanera is choosing a quincenera theme. The girl celebrating a quinceanera will be very involved in choosing the details of her party, and one of the first tasks is deciding on a fun, festive and decorative theme. Read more…

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