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Best of Wedding Gifts

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Best of Wedding GiftsThe amount of gifts you receive on your wedding is most likely totaled to be the most amount of gifts you will receive in your entire life. To better help you plan accordingly to ensure you receive what you expected on your wedding registry, we’ve gathered our most popular wedding gift-related blogs, carefully wrapped them all up, and tied them in a nice big bow, to give you, our Manor blog readers, our Best of Wedding Gifts.
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Top Bridal Shower Trends

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Every bridal party wants to throw a spectacular, unforgettable bridal shower that suits the bride’s personality and style, and provides guests with fine cuisine and great entertainment. Here, we offer some of the top new bridal shower trends that can make your bridal showera stand-out crowd-pleaser that the bride will love.

Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

  • Choose a fine dining experience with the best buffet dinner or a gourmet Sunday brunch. Excellent cuisine makes a bridal party a success, and even on a budget, chefs can help tailor your menu to impress.
  • More bridal showers are planned as brunches, which offers an array of delectable fine cuisine menu options, and multiple desserts, plus wine and champagne, and the earlier time of day allows guests to still have some of that weekend day to their own planning.
  • There is more emphasis on food and wine pairings, with sophisticated menu options paired to great vintages.
  • Offer unique bar menu items, following the top wedding trends of offering champagne and champagne cocktails, mimosas, bellinis, mojitos, prosecco, creative martinis and sangrias.
  • Create a signature drink – one of the top wedding trends – and name it after the bride
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Top 5 Bridal Registry Trends

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When you’re looking forward to your wedding day, one of the most enjoyable first tasks that bride and groom share is creating a bridal registry, and in today’s wedding world it’s become quite common to establish multiple gift lists for guests to look at as they decide what to get you for your engagement party, bridal shower, or wedding gift.

Creating a bridal registry is, according to wedding etiquette experts, a service to the wedding guests as much as it is a treat for you. After all, wedding guests want to get you the things you need and want for your home and lifestyle. They enjoy clicking onto your bridal registry, seeing the items you’ve selected, learning your style, and purchasing from your list.

Here are the top new bridal registry trends as reported by so many of our New Jersey brides and grooms:

1.   Create two to three different registries. Start with the traditional home décor and kitchen registry, and continue on to set up a list at a home improvement store (such as Home Depot or Lowes) to help you redecorate or remodel your home, or create a beautiful garden and backyard. You might create a honeymoon registry, or a charitable registry where guests can get you an exotic treat for your getaway, or donate to your favorite cause.

2.  Upgrade your housewares. Couples want the good chef’s saucepans and carving knives, or high thread-count sheets, so they’re registering for the newest and best items on the market.

3. Register for all seasons. When you’re adding sheets and bedding sets to your wedding registry list, be sure to register for lightweight fabrics that will be most comfortable during the spring and summer, as well as for heavier fabrics, blankets and throws for the cooler fall and winter months.

4. Register for electronics. Now, bride and groom registry picks include Energy-Star™ kitchen appliances, GPS systems, security systems and other electronic gadgets that make their homes comfortable and energy-efficient, and add to an exciting lifestyle in the future.

5. Register for entertaining. Our New Jersey wedding couples love to entertain, and they envision a future married life in which they’ll host holiday dinners and throw dinner parties, showing off their gourmet cuisine. If you dream of entertaining, add plenty of serving platters, barware, glassware, wine decanters, sangria pitchers and other entertaining musts to your bridal registry gift lists.

Don’t forget to keep adding items to your bridal registry gifts lists all throughout your engagement season, so that guests have plenty of affordable options, and so that you get plenty of chances to enjoy the fun of registering for wedding gifts together. Many official registries also have ‘completion programs,’ offering you 10% or 15% discounts on the gifts that remain on your list after the wedding, so when you add additional wedding gift items to your list, you can get them more affordably later on.


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