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Best of 2018 Wedding Trends

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Best of 2018 Wedding Trends2018 is about to come to a close, and it’s time to go over this year’s biggest trends. Just because it was trendy in 2018 does not mean these wedding trends can’t be used in 2019. Ring in the New Year by incorporating these styles into your wedding plans!
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Planning A Gourmet Dinner Bachelorette Party

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Planning A Gourmet Dinner Bachelorette PartyWhether you are a bride-to-be or a trusted bridesmaid tasked with planning a memorable bachelorette party, having a group of gal pals who understand your list of must-have items and most definitely- not’s, is the key to coordinating a fancy celebration. Instead of planning a trip to Vegas, many ladies now turn to hosting gourmet meals with tried and true friends. For a self-proclaimed foodie, a gourmet dinner party at a 5-star steakhouse or hiring a personal chef at home, pairs best with great company, laughter, and fond memories. To throw a memorable bachelorette dinner party, the wedding planners at The Manor share all the essential details from menu selection, to the exclusive guest list, to the location, all to honor the bride-to-be.
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Wedding Trends: 2017 Bachelorette Party Destinations

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Nothing celebrates your engagement better than some good ole-fashioned fun with your best friends in an amazing city. Whether you are looking to stay out all night, plan a gourmet dinner, ride a bucking bronco or kick back with a well-deserved R&R trip with your best friends, the Manor has pinpointed the top party cities in the nation for your big last weekend as a single lady. So start packing your suitcase because these 2017 North American weekend getaways are perfect for your Bachelorette party. Read more…

Wedding Photo Trends: Great Poses for the Bridal Party

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Bridal Party Photos

Bridal Party Photos

Many of our New Jersey wedding couples choose to skip the stereotypical bridal party photos, such as the one of the entire bridal party jumping up in the air, and especially the photo in which the groomsmen hold the bride sideways. A top wedding trend is to add more originality to the bridal party group photos, and we have some suggestions for you, according to the top wedding photographers in our area: Read more…

Top Bridal Shower Trends

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Every bridal party wants to throw a spectacular, unforgettable bridal shower that suits the bride’s personality and style, and provides guests with fine cuisine and great entertainment. Here, we offer some of the top new bridal shower trends that can make your bridal showera stand-out crowd-pleaser that the bride will love.

Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

  • Choose a fine dining experience with the best buffet dinner or a gourmet Sunday brunch. Excellent cuisine makes a bridal party a success, and even on a budget, chefs can help tailor your menu to impress.
  • More bridal showers are planned as brunches, which offers an array of delectable fine cuisine menu options, and multiple desserts, plus wine and champagne, and the earlier time of day allows guests to still have some of that weekend day to their own planning.
  • There is more emphasis on food and wine pairings, with sophisticated menu options paired to great vintages.
  • Offer unique bar menu items, following the top wedding trends of offering champagne and champagne cocktails, mimosas, bellinis, mojitos, prosecco, creative martinis and sangrias.
  • Create a signature drink – one of the top wedding trends – and name it after the bride
  • Offer not just a cake, but additional dessert items as well, such as family-favorite tiramisu, bananas foster, chocolate-covered strawberries, and other sweet treats. Read more…

Bridal Show Dos and Don’ts

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Attending a bridal show is a smart way for brides and grooms to explore the styles and trends of wedding décor, fashion, favors, photography and more, since nothing beats the in-person opportunities you’ll find at bridal expos like the elegant ones occurring in our local New Jersey area. Just like you can only fully appreciate our wedding gardens and wedding rooms by walking through them, seeing the details all throughout our wedding venues, you can best appreciate the beauty of a floral arrangement by standing right in front of it, inhaling its fragrance, seeing the breathtaking layers of delicate petals on each gardenia, rose and ranunculus. That’s far better than looking at even the most beautiful of photos on a website.

To help you get the most from your bridal show experiences, we’ve listed the Top Do’s and Don’ts for bridal expos:


  • Plan to attend several different bridal shows and expos, to meet a wide range of local New Jersey wedding vendors and see a wide range of design ideas.

  • Plan to attend your first bridal show with your groom, sharing your first-time excitement with him. Many of our New Jersey wedding couples are full planning partners, with the grooms just as interested in the catering, entertainment, photos and décor as the brides. They want to share this first bridal show event excitement with their brides as well.

  • Bring your closest women with you to subsequent bridal shows. Moms now join the maid of honor and bridesmaids on a bride’s guest list, sharing the exciting scene and discovering fabulous wedding details and experts alongside the brides.

  • Sign on to win prizes. The bridal show coordinators share your e-mail address with displaying vendors anyway, so sign onto their sheets and you may win valuable prizes.

  • Talk to the wedding vendors. They welcome your planning questions, and they’re quite willing to share ideas or make suggestions about details you might not think about, such as providing a water source for hydrangeas to help them last longer through your wedding day.


  • Don’t rush in, rush past vendor tables, grab some appetizers and a glass of champagne, take a glance around, and leave. Great bridal shows have fabulous events planned throughout the show, including band performances, fashion shows, seminars by local wedding experts, prize drawings, and games through which you might win a valuable prize for your wedding or honeymoon.
  • Don’t assume that only beginning wedding vendors attend wedding shows. Top wedding professionals – including the most successful, busiest and most admired NJ wedding experts — make it a high priority to attend as many bridal shows as possible. They want to meet brides and grooms face-to-face, show their talents and offerings, and connect with wedding couples who are looking for their style of top-caliber wedding services.
  • Don’t forget to take your camera with you. You’ll see hundreds of designs and details that will help you create your wedding details.


Michael Mahle, Director of Communications, Pleasantdale Château

New Trends in Bridal Party Selections

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Bridal Party

Bridal Party

Bridal party members are selected for their best-friend status, their closeness as sisters and cousins, their value to the bride and groom, and their enthusiasm for assisting in wedding plans. In today’s weddings, the bride’s lineup and the groom’s lineup are more personalized than ever, sometimes comprised of unexpected participants.

Here are some ways in which our New Jersey and New York City-region brides and grooms have invited very special people into their bridal parties:

On the Bride’s Side:

• The bride may invite close male friends to serve as ‘bride’s attendants.’

• The bride may select her closest male friend or brother to be her ‘Man of Honor,’ in place of the traditional maid of honor.

• The bride may ask her mother to be her Matron of Honor.

• The bride may have more than one maid or matron of honor, perhaps one of each, perhaps three if she’d like to honor multiple friends or sisters.

• The bride may invite her groom’s sisters to be bridal party members.

• The bride may choose instead to have only a circle of flowergirls, including her nieces, friends’ children and perhaps her own daughters, instead of adult bridesmaids.

• The bride may invite tweens and teens to be ‘junior bridesmaids.’

• The bride no longer feels any compulsion to leave out a friend who will be pregnant at the time of the wedding. Today’s bridal gown designers now offer so many beautiful maternity bridesmaid dresses that it’s quite common to see many radiant, pregnant bridesmaids standing up for the bride.

On the Groom’s Side:

• The groom may invite close female friends to stand on his side, serving as a ‘groom’s attendant’ or ‘grooms woman.’

• The groom may select his closest female friend to stand up as his ‘Best Woman,’ although some of our New Jersey brides prefer to think of themselves as the Best Woman of the day, choosing instead the title of ‘Groom’s Honored Attendant’ for this female bridal party participant.

• The groom may ask his father to be his best man.

• The groom may have more than one best man.

• The groom may invite the bride’s brothers to be groomsmen.

• The groom may include more than one ring-bearer, as we see often with our local wedding couples who have several boys in their family circle.

Since New Jersey is home to so many different cultures and faiths, our couples often subscribe to the practices of their heritages and religions, which may present unique opportunities within the bridal party. For instance, in a heritage that embraces a wedding ritual of having a married couple named as the bride and groom’s ‘mentor married couple,’ they too may be included in the wedding party.

Bridal parties are getting larger right now, with over eight members on the average. Many of our local wedding couples tell us that they wish for larger wedding couples so that there are more bridesmaids to share the planning and payment responsibilities for a bridal shower or bridal lunch, not just three to bear the role. Another factor is an inclusive mindset, with couples wishing to include more friends, not leave anyone out. Some couples create their bridal party size from the traditional formula of one groomsman for every fifty guests, so they formulate their wedding party size from there. And some couples say that a larger bridal party allows for their desired effect at a large, formal wedding.

Michael Mahle, Director of Communications, Pleasantdale Château

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