Making a Grand Entrance

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Being Introduced Into the Room

Being Introduced Into the Room

Making an unforgettable entrance to your wedding reception is now a top trend. While there are some couples who happily embrace the traditional method – the emcee announces each bridal party member, parent and the couple by name, and everyone cheers as these honored people walk into the room – many of our New Jersey and New York City wedding couples ask for a more creative Grand Entrance.

Here are the top new trends for making your entrance into your wedding reception venue:

  • The deejay or band plays an upbeat song for the bridal party’s introductions, at which point the couples dance their way into the room. When it’s the parents’ turn to be announced, the music switches to a different, upbeat song chosen just for them. The wedding couple then gets a different song. (Our favorite New Jersey wedding deejays and bands can provide you with lists of song ideas.) Read more…

Your Wedding Bar: Top Wedding Trends for After-Dinner Drinks

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Wedding Bar

Wedding Bar

Put the perfect finishing touch on your wedding reception with an exquisite collection of after-dinner drinks. Our New Jersey and tri-state area wedding couples make it a high priority to treat their wedding guests to indulgent wedding drink menu offerings, and even budget wedding couples can enhance their wedding reception package with a list of excellent after-dinner drinks.

It’s become a top 2012 wedding trend to offer guests top-shelf liquors and liqueurs, in addition to coffees, and our wedding bar menus offer some of the top choices in after-dinner drinks. Here are just of the top-trending wedding drinks that can end your perfect wedding reception:

  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Cognac
  • Brandy
  • Sambuca
  • Ouzo
  • Sabra
  • Kahlua
  • Jameson
  • Frangelico
  • Anisette
  • Bailey’s Irish Crème
  • White and Milk Chocolate Liqueur Read more…

Reception Décor: Menu Cards

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Reception Décor

Reception Décor

Among the most popular wedding décor ideas is the menu card, which is printed up elegantly on thick card stock, designed in the wedding colors with beautiful fonts, and displayed near the wedding centerpiece. When guests arrive at their tables, they find this printed wedding menu card awaiting them, announcing and describing the courses on the way as part of the wedding meal.

 Many wedding coordinators say that couples order their menu cards at the same time as their wedding invitations are ordered, to create a unified print design that matches the menu card to all of the print items in the wedding couple’s collection. Other wedding coordinators say that couples like to print up their own menu cards as part of a wedding DIY project (DIY means ‘do-it-yourself.’) Read more…

Reception Menu: Appetizer Trends

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Reception Menu

Reception Menu

Wedding guests may say they couldn’t eat another bite after all the fine cuisine at your wedding cocktail party, but your excellent wedding menu they discover on your menu cards when they take their seats in the reception ballroom always seems to get them hungry again.

After your first dance and the toasts, guests look forward to the first course coming their way. Among the top trends in wedding reception menus is unique appetizers chosen to complement the cocktail party menu you provided, and raise the bar in fine cuisine as the wedding reception begins.


Here are some of the top trends in wedding appetizers:

 A Sensational Salad: Outdated wedding budget advice has advised couples to eliminate the salad course, but we’ve found wedding menu trends to embrace the salad once again. Given the gourmet menu offerings in salads, it’s no wonder. Now, you’ll find burata and citrus salads mixed with baby arugula, fennel, watercress and frisee. Mixed lettuces are now paired with red and yellow beets, aged Vermont goat cheese, roasted pears, and spiced walnuts. Salads are now part of fine cuisine, and are welcomed by guests who wish to eat lighter, healthier fare as part of a vegetarian wedding menu selection or an organic wedding menu. Read more…

Cocktail Party Menu: Hot Buffet Station Trends

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As you read in our recent post, wedding cocktail party catering begins with the selections of fine cuisine at stations, and now it’s time to look at the top trends in hot buffet stations:

 Carving Station: Wedding menu trends offer twists on the usual wedding fare,  and today’s carving stations go beyond the usual prime rib and glazed ham. Now, you’ll find mouthwatering selections such as tequila lime marinated flank steak, roasted leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary, pork tenderloin with mushroom duxelle, New York Style pastrami or corned beef, roast turkey breast with cranberry orange compote, peppercorn crusted sushi grade ahi tuna, orange and rosemary scented whole roasted suckling pig, boneless rib eye of bison, and more. Our wedding chefs perfect the art of adding a gourmet element to the carving station, making this a top reception catering trend once more, even for budget wedding couples who are pleased to find they don’t have to cut out the carving station if they don’t wish to.

Pasta Station: Again, wedding cocktail party menu trends have given the pasta station a makeover. While you could go with plain pomodoro sauce or vodka sauce on your penne, here are some of the top trends in cocktail party buffet menus for your pasta station: gemelli pasta with broccoli rabe, wild mushroom and shaved parmesan risotto, Louisiana crawfish risotto, spinach agnolotti with artichoke and marscapone cheese and garlic cream, campanelle with saffron cauliflower, crab meat and roasted yellow tomatoes and seafood nage. Read more…

Cocktail Party Menu: Cold Station Trends

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Wedding menu

Wedding menu

When creating your wedding reception menu, you’ll often begin by choosing your cocktail party stations, selecting from a wide range of delectable, gourmet spreads that guests often look forward to the most. Your wedding cocktail party sets the stage for each of the upcoming reception menu features, and a top 2012 wedding trend is surprising wedding guests with unexpected cocktail party menu items.

Some of the top cocktail party menu trends include international foods, organic wedding menu items, gluten-free menu items, and unique twists on traditional wedding cocktail party foods.

 Here are some of the biggest trends in cocktail party stations, focusing just on the Cold Stations. We’ll focus on hot buffet stations in an upcoming post:

Antipasto: Grilled marinated harvest vegetables, bocchini mozzarella, artichokes, and fire roasted peppers.

Olives: An array of colorful marinated and stuffed olives, with herb dressings. Read more…

Ceremony Seat Décor Trends

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For your outdoor wedding ceremony, you can set an even more magical scene – even in the midst of beautiful wedding gardens – with your choice of ceremony seat décor. When your ceremony setting first comes into view, you and your guests will see a celebrity wedding style of detailed perfection when your seats are wrapped in colorful fabrics, in your wedding décor colors.

Here are the top wedding trends for ceremony seat choices and accents:

Your Basic Ceremony Seat Styling:

  • First, decide if you’ll arrange your ceremony seats in straight rows, or in arched formation to provide a pretty arrangement of chairs. Our wedding planners advise setting up your chairs with plenty of space between rows, to allow wedding guests easier access to their seats.
  • Choose all matching chair styles to provide a unified look in your ceremony décor.
  • Choose one color for all of your ceremony seats, such as white wedding chairs, to provide an elegant, uniform look that makes the most of your wedding garden location’s natural florals and greenery.
  • Or, choose all-white chairs for your first two VIP rows where parents and grandparents will sit, and then chairs in color for the rest of your wedding seating. Read more…

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