The Garden Wedding: Why It’s A Hot Trend

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For so many brides and grooms, their dream wedding takes place in a garden venue, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the magic of endless flowers in full bloom, in the trees, in landscaping, along pathways…and a perfect blue sky above. The garden wedding is the choice of so many celebrity couples who lead bridal trends, and bridal magazines are filled with stunning images of outdoor weddings in gorgeous gardens.

Garden Wedding

Garden Wedding

What is it about the garden wedding that calls to so many of today’s brides and grooms? Beyond the sheer beauty of it, as designed by our site’s landscaping team and sometimes enhanced further by additional floral décor and lighting on the grounds, many couples say that a garden wedding creates a European feel to their weddings. An outdoor ceremony and celebration may be a replica of the family weddings that took place in Corsica, in Greece, in Tuscany, in the far-off regions of their ancestors. We’ve seen those weddings in Under the Tuscan Sun and other hit movies, left breathless by the flowers, the arbors, the scenery…with the bride and groom in their wedding finery standing out amongst the sea of natural color.

English Garden

English Garden

Another factor of the garden wedding’s popularity is budget. If a site is already expertly planted in floral splendor – as is ours at The Manor — the couple might not have to spend any extra money on décor. In a plain and simple ballroom, at a basic site without garden grounds, hundreds if not thousands of dollars must be spent to create that floral splendor the couple dreams of. Planters would have to be brought in for the wedding, then carted off and discarded after the celebration. Since most couples are on a budget, it’s often impossible to create the same level of garden image that already exists in an actual garden venue.

And finally, many couples are eco-minded these days, mindful fans of nature, preferring to marry among living trees and plants, out in the fresh, clean air of a beautiful day in nature’s beauty.

For some, the reason is simply this: it’s always been their dream to have a garden wedding. They’ve never considered a different option. Whatever the inspiration, we’re happy to make the dream of a garden wedding come true, even better than you imagined it.

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Preston Postlethwaite, Banquet Manager, The Manor

Fantastic Wedding Favors

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Your wedding favors create that all-important final detail and last impression made on your guests. They’ve enjoyed your fabulous wedding menu, they’ve toasted you with amazing wines and champagne, they’ve danced all evening, and as they depart, you have one last opportunity to impress them even further.

A great wedding is made from many stunning small details, and your choice of wedding favor can be the stunning, smile-inducing last touch of the perfect wedding. When you do it right, guests are impressed with your genius, your creativity and often, your generosity and class. If you were to skip the wedding favors, as an ill-advised method of budget-saving, guests will walk away with a negative impression. Yes, they do want a little something to take home from your wedding celebration. Wedding experts say it’s not okay to skip the favors.

That said, here are some of the most-appreciated, still budget-friendly wedding favors to consider:

• Chocolate truffles, in unique flavors such as key lime, cappuccino, espresso, and banana liqueur

• Individually-packaged cupcakes, one of the hottest new trends, especially when topped with an elegant champagne-infused frosting

• Individually-packaged brownies in unique flavor blends such as triple chocolate fudge, macadamia nut and coconut.

• Individually-packaged cookies in theme shapes and icing designs

• Wine bottle stoppers, in simple elegance styles such as a silver heart

• Photo coasters, in clear or frosted glass, allowing the guest to slip in photos or a printout of their monogram for their own entertaining use

A living favor, such as a tiny potted primrose plant or a tiny potted rose plant, which is a highly popular trend at New Jersey weddings, with our local brides and grooms sharing the style of our Garden State with guests from near and far.

One very popular trend right now is giving guests the chance to select their own favor tastes, such as a favor bar featuring five or six different flavors of chocolate truffles, jelly beans, cookies, brownies, petit fours or other treats. Guests use silver scoops or tongs to select their choice of take-home favors, place them in colorful, decorated or Lucite favor boxes, and they’ll depart delighted and impressed that you offered such a wonderful wedding favors feature.

Michael Mahle, Director of Communications, Pleasantdale Château

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