Wedding showers and Bridal showers

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by Rolf Shick, Banquet Manager, The Manor

Wedding showers aren’t just for the bride and her female friends and bridesmaids anymore; today they can actually be co-ed affairs. Some couples are turning this tradition into another opportunity to socialize and get to know friends of their spouse-to-be a little better. You can base a shower around brunch and finish with an array of desserts. A signature drink can also be a fun way to incorporate a theme or set off the décor for the pre-wedding shower.

The gifts traditionally given at a shower can also be realigned in keeping with the new focus of the gathering. If you’ve spent a lot on the wedding itself and had to dispense with a honeymoon as a result, think about registering your honeymoon instead of having a traditional gift registry. After all, a lot of brides and grooms are already forgoing the traditional registry and instead registering for high-tech electronics or wines to add to their collection. And a variety of hotels allow brides and grooms to let guests make contributions to the honeymoon fund on their hotel websites.

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Honeymoon Destinations

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By Christopher Gellings, Banquet Manager, Highlawn Pavilion

Honeymoons can be as diverse as weddings are nowadays. So don’t feel you have to do the traditional honeymoon destination. Do what fits your lifestyle. While beach bliss honeymoons are still popular, the default location is often Hawaii. But Tahiti and Bora Bora are gaining favor. Staying in thatch huts above the clear waters and enjoying massages and just de-stressing from the wedding process seems to be the most natural way to go.

Keep in mind that depending on the time of year you get married will determine where you want to go based on what climate you’re looking for. If you decide to have a winter wedding there are some great winter honeymoon options. You can choose to stay in Norway’s snowy wonderland known as the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel that is open only for a few months a year and considered as “green” as they come. If you’re a summer bride looking for a winter honeymoon look no further than South America with endless possibilities of winter activities throughout Patagonia (Argentina and Chile).

If adventure is what you’re seeking, then a Safari in Africa or a walkabout in Australia might be the right choice for you. There are luxury packages for both of these to accommodate your needs

Eco-Hotels are a great choice for the eco-conscious bride and groom. Going Green does not mean giving up luxury, either. One Napa Valley green hotel has the right mix of green and luxury. When you arrive you receive bicycles to discover the surrounding town with and a portion of your room rate is donated to the Napa Valley Land Trust.



Renewing Vows

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By, Caitlyn Bradley, Director of Sales and Catering, Pleasantdale Château

Let’s hear it for commitment! We’re seeing more married couples in the New York metro area having ceremonies to renew wedding vows. What makes these ceremonies especially meaningful is that they’re completely voluntary. When a couple gets married, the wedding ceremony is practically a given, and all the attendant social obligations that go with it means the couple don’t always get to enjoy it quite as much as they might in a more relaxed ceremony. But when vows are renewed, there aren’t two families to please, or parents to appease. It’s a real display of deep and enduring love.

New rings engraved with a special saying are perfect to commemorate the renewal of wedding vows. An outside ceremony is often very fitting if you want the ceremony to be about rebirth. No need to be traditional with the wedding vows, either – you’ve done that once already. Instead, you can have your vows end with a poem that you find fitting, for example. For music you can use the song from your wedding or one that has meant something to you over the years. Renewing vows can be an intimate gathering with a simple lunch or brunch or a lavish formal affair.



Good Lighting Can Make Your Dream Wedding

Thursday, September 9th, 2010 | Filed under: Bright Ideas for your wedding | author: By Keith Sly,    

By Christopher Gellings, Director of Sales and Catering, Pleasantdale Château

LED uplighting and projected monograms are one way more couples are making their special day even more special. Though it does add to the cost of a wedding reception, uplighting can dramatically change a room and make it look even more festive and exciting. Lighting at the perimeter of the room in a color relevant to your décor, for example, really will complete the space. And if you really want to put your individual stamp on the festivities, brides and grooms can personalize the space by projecting a monogram of their initials.

If this appeals to you, make sure that the venue where you’re having the reception is suitable for the display. The size of the room, the equipment needed for the projection, the availability of electrical outlets, all should be discussed with the vendor well in advance. As with any vendor you haven’t worked with before, getting references and calling people who have used the service to enquire about their experience is a good idea.



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