Contemporary wedding photography

Thursday, August 26th, 2010 | Filed under: Bright Ideas for your wedding | author: By Keith Sly,    

By Rolf Shick, Banquet Manager, The Manor

Just because it’s raining – or even snowing – doesn’t mean you can’t get outdoor wedding photos at your ceremony. When discussing your photo needs with your wedding photographer, be sure to mention any weather- or season-related issues that he or she needs to be ready for. If your wedding is going to be in January and there could be snow on the ground, discuss this with the photographer beforehand, so that he can be prepared with the gear needed to take photos outside.

You don’t need a sunny sky for great wedding photos, either. Rain and grey skies can actually provide very dramatic photographs that a clear day can’t match. You and your photographer need to be aware of wind conditions, too. Taking wedding photographs in heavy winds can be a challenge – especially if your bride or bridesmaids have long hair. Be sure to bring extra bobby pins or other hair clips to keep it in place. And inquire about any outdoor spots at the wedding venue that are both scenic and provide shelter from the wind or other elements.

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HD Video for your wedding

Thursday, August 19th, 2010 | Filed under: Bright Ideas for your wedding | author: By Keith Sly,    

By Paul Keenan, Banquet Manager, Highlawn Pavilion

High-quality “HD” or high-definition videos are all the rage for capturing many of today’s wedding ceremonies and receptions. The better the quality, the more easily viewed the video will be when you post it on YouTube and Facebook. HD video will also last longer and stay “up-to-date” for more years than the alternative video technologies. Another benefit of state-of-the-art video equipment is that they can record well even in low light situations, so the videographer doesn’t need to set up lights, which can be intrusive and time consuming to set up. The downside is that HD videography costs more than a standard formats – after all, the equipment costs more. But the cost differential should come to a plateau as all videographers will be using this technology in the near future.

If you’re considering having your wedding ceremony or your wedding reception professionally recorded on video, consult the staff at the venue for recommendations. Here at Highlawn Pavilion, for example, we have a rolodex of qualified videographers. They’re all very good, but some might be more suited to a particular size or kind of wedding ceremony than another videographer might be.

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Green wedding invitations

Thursday, August 5th, 2010 | Filed under: earth friendly weddings, Going Green, Green weddings | author: By Keith Sly,    

By Caitlyn Bradley, Director of Private Dining, Ram’s Head Inn

Wedding invitations printed on recycled paper are very popular today. It’s part of the eco-friendly, green concerns more and more couples are incorporating into their weddings, ceremonies and receptions. Invitations made from recycled paper are widely available with a number of patterns to choose from. The only drawback is that some people think it has the look and feel of a slightly less formal wedding. But that’s for you to decide – the choice is entirely the bride and groom’s to make. Another green option is the “plantable” invitation – an invite made of biodegradable material, often recycled paper, with seeds embedded in it. We’ve seen this done for save the date cards too. So if you’ve been eager to incorporate some eco-friendly element into your wedding ceremony, consider this your invitation.

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